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What is it?

The Revolution

This is our premium level training package available exclusively at The Edge. 

The cornerstones of the Edge Revolution are optimising your training, Nutrition and lifestyle. 

Check out the video to hear all the details from our coaches 


The Revolution package is based around personal training in a small group setting. this is complemented by additional access to our class timetable 


Your training programme is based on your initial assessment and goals. It is personalised to you and your needs. 


We are taking a hollistic approach to your planning, nutrition, training and stress management, and recognising that these elements interlink to unlock the lifestyle you desire. 


You have access to all our coaches for support, in addition to this we have built our training lab to support all our clients and enable you to get the most out of the programme 


As part of your coach consultation sessions we will give you the outline of your personalised nutrition needs to reach your goals. This will be supplemented with the nutrition section in the training lab 


Here at the Edge we pride ourselves on our training community.  We motivate each other, support our clients and have alot of fun whilst working hard!

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You can join the Revolution at any time, there is no set start date, this is a rolling programme for all clients. 

Frequently asked Questions About the Revolution

What is the Revolution Package 

Revolution is the premier training package at the Edge. Each Month you will receive 12 Revolution SGPT credits, Unlimited Edge credits, access to our online training lab, discounts on our physio and sports massage services, free entry into events and many more perks you will discover on your fitness journey. 

What is Revolution SGPT?

SGPT, or small group personal training gives you the benefits of personal training in a community setting. Our groups will have three main themes 

STRONG: Follow a bespoke training plan designed for you to help you get stronger and more confident in the gym 

BLAST: Challenge yourself with a more conditioning based workout and watch your fitness go through the roof 

MOVE: Master bodyweight movements and begin to realise the full potential of your own body. 

What are Edge Credits 

Edge credits are the currency of the gym. They can be used to book your own training pod, which you will have a personalised training programme to follow when you are in. In addition they can be used to book into any of our timetabled classes. 

How often can I come to the gym 

With your 12 SGPT sessions plus Unlimited Edge credits, you have the opportunity to attend the gym as many times as you want! You will also have the online support of our training lab for home training sessions provided by our expert coaching team. This way if your work/ family schedule requires a little flexibility we have more than enough sessions happening throughout the week to meet your needs, on the other hand if you like the routine of attending at certain times each week you can book these in advance. 

Your Expert Team

Meet our coaches that will help you reach your revolution goals 

Pauric Grimes 

Our head coach, managing the programming and coaching of our service.


Conor Hackett

Our resident yoga teacher and coach, Conor is bringing a movement revolution to the Edge


Sam Hicks 

Our youngest staff member, injecting some youthful exuberance into the team. What he lacks in years he makes up for in enthusiasm, as anyone who has attended his sessions will agree. 

Ailise Coyle 

Our Pre and post natal expert. Ailise is blaising a trail for our edge girls to get strong 


Daire McConnell

Our in house boxing coach, he will no doubt incorporate boxing into the blast sessions. 

Helen McElroy 

Our lead physio and pilates instructor. Whilst not on the coaching team, Helen ensures the smooth running of the programme in the background


Marc Welford 

A founding trainer in the Edge, Marc is a familiar face to all our regulars and will be taking your conditioning sessions to a new level 

Chrissy Devlin 

Chrissy is a firm favourite as a PT in the Edge. 

He will be a coaching our strength and blast sessions and will use his expert knowledge to guide your fitness journey 

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