Pauric Grimes

Our Head Coach PG has been in the fitness game for over a decade now and has been putting that experience to good use as the driving force behind The Edge. With a background in Strength and Conditioning and having tried his hand at every training fad he’s seen and gone over the past ten years he has acquired the tools to help YOU achieve whatever it is YOUR goals are!


Conor Hackett

Resident Yogi, Conor, can offer you a unique coaching blend of strength, fitness and mobility. As well as being a trainer at The Edge, Conor is a qualified yoga instructor who brings his own brand of yoga to the table. Escape every day stiffness and replace it with every day fitness!

Ailise Coyle

Be it fat loss or fitness, our coach Ailise is your woman. Combining her experience as a Pilates instructor and her love of weight lifting. Her small group sessions are famed not only for their intensity and variety but their effectiveness in helping people reach their training goals!

Chrissy Devlin

Chrisy’s passion is performance, be it an athlete who wants to become better on the field or a father of a toddlers who wants to be able to keep up with his children, he is on hand to help. As an active GAA player he knows how hard it can be to juggle playing, team training and time at the gym so if you’re an athlete who is struggling to fit in training let Chrissy help you using his know how and experience to improve you as an athlete!

Marc Welford

Marc was one of the original cogs in the wheel that made The Edge the machine it is today! A cornerstone in our initial success and and equally important to our continued growth, without Marc The Edge as we know it would not exist. Marc flies the flag for the dads, showing there’s room for work, family and the gym as his recent running successes have shown. If you’re toying with the idea of starting to run, or want to become a better runner, Marc is the man to help you make it happen!

Daire Mc Connell

This is Daire. Daire is out in-house fight coach. After a charity fight night sparked a passion in him Daire has immersed himself in learning how to coach all things boxing and fitness. His speciality are his small groups that combine the essentials of strength and conditioning with the boxing skills and technique work on the pads and bags. If the gym in a more traditional sense isn’t for you, then maybe one of Daire’s sessions at The Edge might just be for you!